Pow Time Times Vol. 1

It seems like only yesterday Mt. Crested Butte and the town of Crested Butte were in their limbo periods–too cold to backpack and too warm for our snowmakers (aka clouds) to start raining down pow. But this year’s open day of ski season proved to be phenomenal. No “Ribbon of Death” existed like in previous years. Shortly thereafter, we even managed to open Paradise and East River lifts. Now North Face is open, intimidating newcomers and delighting veterans. So enjoy this time Buttians. Revel in the pow (100 inches so far!!!). Enjoy the wonderful visitors who inject energy (and money 😉 ) into our throwingt downiest of all the ski townests (I know, that was a stretch, but we are now officially the best ski town in North America. don’t believe me, ask Power Magazine.)  Crested Butte won this ski town competition by less than 100 votes (out of about 16,000) so mad props to Eagle Crest, Alaska. But in this inaugural Crested Butte Lodging blog, I’d like to highlight the fact that this not just a win for Crested Butte; it is a win for Colorado. Some of us are lucky are lucky to live in this magical nook of the Rockies, but for others, we welcome you to stop by any time. So give us a call. Book a property. Play in the snow. But above all, enjoy this slice of Valhalla while that white stuff coats the mountain.

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