PowTime Times Vol. III

Happy start-of-the-weekend Buttians and friends! Whereas last week began with a bang (or flame, I should say) with the annual Christmas tree bonfire, this week has begun with in a more tame manor. But we can’t have Christmas tree bonfires every Monday, I guess. The daily fresh snow this last week has been nothing short of spectacular, and while but let us not forget about all the terrific events that have also rolled through town along with the snow. From the Shook Twins to a Talking Heads cover band, we’ve certainly had our share of talent, and it looks like a very different event  type will soon befall The Butte: 5th Annual Arm Wrestling contest. With two divisions–Wonder Woman and Princess, matches should be fairly very competitive and equally entertaining.  Click here for details. That’s all for this week. Stay tuned next week for a rundown of our arm wrestling competitors (If we know by then who is competing :) )!

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