PowTime Times IV

Welcome to the fourth installment of the weekly Crested Butte Lodging Blog (LodgeBlog for short?) and like any fourth installment, our home grown American competitors must prove themselves in the harsh Russian environment in the coming weeks–and if you can’t tell, I’m referencing Rocky IV. Most of my knowledge of Russia comes from that movie… Rocky fights a towering Russian named Ivan Drago, played by a then young Dolph Lundgren. Eventually Rocky overcomes his challenger with sheer American-made determination. May our athletes do the same. May they face their own Dolph Lundgrens head-on and be victorious. Shout out to Buttian Aaron Blunck for securing a spot on the Olympic Freeski Halfpipe Team!

Pic of the week

80's Party with the Six Million Dollar Band

80’s Party with the Six Million Dollar Band



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