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PowTime Times Volume VI

If you’ve been in Crested Butte the last two weeks, then I don’t need to explain to you the sheer quantity of snow we’ve recently been blessed by the snow gods with. But in case you were curious, here is a stat breakdown:

We have received 84 inches of pow in two weeks.

Since last Thursday, this recent storm has  dumped over 50 inches on us.

At the storm’s peak accumulation period, we got nearly 3 feet in 48 hours.

There are over 2,000 happy Crested Buttians and visiting powderholics who are very very happy right now.

All this snow got us thinking about the best lodging deal we could come up with to lure more powder enthusiasts out here and we came up with this: Book two nights at Crested Butte Lodging, and the third night is on us. Every third night. So stay six days, get two days free. This is the best deal on the mountain, so take advantage of this offer and if you haven’t already!

In other related news, large snow storms like this are usually coupled by enormous rook slides–some of these slides are enough to bury and even crush cars, so be careful of your surroundings out there. But do try to catch these amazing slides if you can–we caught one on video from our parking lot yesterday…



PowTime Times Vol. V

Last blog I may have over-referenced Rocky IV, but fear not this time, for Rocky V was such a bad movie I will not pay credence to it. So here goes…

February has arrived and the ski season is halfway through. The last 4 days’ snowfall has been nothing short of epic, so we’re all hoping the tail end of the season mirrors the last 2 months. On top of incredible skiing, the town of Crested Butte has occupied our time with fun-filled events such as the Female Arm Wrestling Championship, numerous concerts ranging from old-school punk rockers, Agent Orange, to bluegrass group Head for the Hills, and the infamous Nordic Alley Loop. There is no doubt of more fun to come and if happen to hear of an upcoming event, come to Crested Butte if even for a night or two. Our hostel in town is ideal for partaking in town activities since it’s such a short walk to everything! So if you fancy a night on the town, stay a night at the hostel–about $40/nt for the convenience of ending your night in a warm CB bed. So call us at 970.349.2400; reference this blog to get 10% off your stay. Happy February!





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