The season is winding down, but there’s still so many events back loaded onto this epic winter season. Big Air on Elk ended up being a huge success as usual (although some were a little peeved about the energy drink signs blocking the landing area view). Here’s a huckfest compilation:


We’ve got many more events lined up before the snow season ends, including the US Mountaineering Championships (Starting tomorrow!), The Ultimate Snowmobile event (April 10-13), and local events like the 37th annual Red Lady Ball (this Saturday), the 2nd annual Silver Queen Pageant, the Grand Traverse the end of season Slush Huck/Pond Skim, and of course Soul Train!

To celebrate all these events, we’ve got lodging specials listed here.  Call us at 970.349.2449 and secure you lodging for any one of these outstanding events!

If you’ve been in Crested Butte the last two weeks, then I don’t need to explain to you the sheer quantity of snow we’ve recently been blessed by the snow gods with. But in case you were curious, here is a stat breakdown:

We have received 84 inches of pow in two weeks.

Since last Thursday, this recent storm has  dumped over 50 inches on us.

At the storm’s peak accumulation period, we got nearly 3 feet in 48 hours.

There are over 2,000 happy Crested Buttians and visiting powderholics who are very very happy right now.

All this snow got us thinking about the best lodging deal we could come up with to lure more powder enthusiasts out here and we came up with this: Book two nights at Crested Butte Lodging, and the third night is on us. Every third night. So stay six days, get two days free. This is the best deal on the mountain, so take advantage of this offer and if you haven’t already!

In other related news, large snow storms like this are usually coupled by enormous rook slides–some of these slides are enough to bury and even crush cars, so be careful of your surroundings out there. But do try to catch these amazing slides if you can–we caught one on video from our parking lot yesterday…



Welcome to the fourth installment of the weekly Crested Butte Lodging Blog (LodgeBlog for short?) and like any fourth installment, our home grown American competitors must prove themselves in the harsh Russian environment in the coming weeks–and if you can’t tell, I’m referencing Rocky IV. Most of my knowledge of Russia comes from that movie… Rocky fights a towering Russian named Ivan Drago, played by a then young Dolph Lundgren. Eventually Rocky overcomes his challenger with sheer American-made determination. May our athletes do the same. May they face their own Dolph Lundgrens head-on and be victorious. Shout out to Buttian Aaron Blunck for securing a spot on the Olympic Freeski Halfpipe Team!

Pic of the week

80's Party with the Six Million Dollar Band

80’s Party with the Six Million Dollar Band



Happy start-of-the-weekend Buttians and friends! Whereas last week began with a bang (or flame, I should say) with the annual Christmas tree bonfire, this week has begun with in a more tame manor. But we can’t have Christmas tree bonfires every Monday, I guess. The daily fresh snow this last week has been nothing short of spectacular, and while but let us not forget about all the terrific events that have also rolled through town along with the snow. From the Shook Twins to a Talking Heads cover band, we’ve certainly had our share of talent, and it looks like a very different event  type will soon befall The Butte: 5th Annual Arm Wrestling contest. With two divisions–Wonder Woman and Princess, matches should be fairly very competitive and equally entertaining.  Click here for details. That’s all for this week. Stay tuned next week for a rundown of our arm wrestling competitors (If we know by then who is competing :) )!

Torch LightBringing in the New Year and celebrating another full trip around the Sun.

Some of us are lucky enough to visit this magical nook of the Rockies once a year, while others are lucky enough to live here year round. But the New Year’s Eve Torch Light Parade and fireworks are a unique time for all of us to experience a true spectacle painted on a the canvas of Mt. Crested Butte. Ski season has been nothing short of epic this year, and Crested Butte being voted best ski town in North America hasn’t hurt in bringing newcomers in. Whether beginning snowboarder or backcountry telemark skiier, Crested Butte has something to offer everyone. And by ‘something,’ I mean just about everything. The last few days have brought in fresh snow (6 inches at least by our count!) and since Winter hit, we’ve been coated with 115 inches of white delight. If this keeps up, we’re going to run out of synonyms for snow… So if you haven’t made it to Crested Butte this season yet, pay us a visit. Start your year off on a good note on the slopes. 

It seems like only yesterday Mt. Crested Butte and the town of Crested Butte were in their limbo periods–too cold to backpack and too warm for our snowmakers (aka clouds) to start raining down pow. But this year’s open day of ski season proved to be phenomenal. No “Ribbon of Death” existed like in previous years. Shortly thereafter, we even managed to open Paradise and East River lifts. Now North Face is open, intimidating newcomers and delighting veterans. So enjoy this time Buttians. Revel in the pow (100 inches so far!!!). Enjoy the wonderful visitors who inject energy (and money 😉 ) into our throwingt downiest of all the ski townests (I know, that was a stretch, but we are now officially the best ski town in North America. don’t believe me, ask Power Magazine.)  Crested Butte won this ski town competition by less than 100 votes (out of about 16,000) so mad props to Eagle Crest, Alaska. But in this inaugural Crested Butte Lodging blog, I’d like to highlight the fact that this not just a win for Crested Butte; it is a win for Colorado. Some of us are lucky are lucky to live in this magical nook of the Rockies, but for others, we welcome you to stop by any time. So give us a call. Book a property. Play in the snow. But above all, enjoy this slice of Valhalla while that white stuff coats the mountain.


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