If you’re thinking about using our vast trail system this summer, please download the CBGTrails map app before you arrive. Download maps of the Valley’s 750+ miles of mountain biking trails and hundreds of miles of hiking-only trails in our 5 Wilderness areas, making the trails safer and easier to access than ever before.




And for a complete experience guide to all of the valley’s trails, visit Travel Crested Butte.

Hiking Tips:

  • Always bring extra water and be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather.
  • Apply sunscreen frequently to exposed skin! SPF 15 or higher is best.
  • Avoid hiking alone and leave your planned hiking route with someone you trust. Remember: your cell phone will likely not work on any trails in the Colorado Rockies.
  • Close gates behind you.
  • Stay on the marked trail, don’t create shortcuts.
  • Use existing fire rings for campfires rather than creating a new one. Extinguish completely before departing.
  • Right of way: hikers and bikers must yield to cattle and horses. Whoever has the uphill path has the right of way, regardless of mode of transportation.


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